The NYPD Is Going to Give Out Receipts to People Stopped and Frisked

Christopher Spata

The number of stop-and-frisk incidents in New York has gone down dramatically since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office, but the controversial NYPD practice isn't going away completely. 

But, in an attempt to make officers more accountable for the way they use stop and frisk – which overwhelmingly targets minorities who ultimately will not be charged with a crime – officers will now be required to hand out a "receipt" to ever single person they stop and or frisk.

This is what the receipts look like (via The Daily News):

The receipts will identify the officer by name and badge number, and also explain the reason that they decided to stop the person and search them for contraband. Among the options officers can check are "concealing a weapon," "engaging in a drug transaction," "proximity to the scene of a crime," "matches a specific suspect description," "acting as a lookout," "casing a victim or location," or "other."

Advocates say that the receipts will make police think twice about unfairly stopping people, while the head of the city's largest police union told the News that they were  "just another nail in the coffin of proactive policing,”



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