NYPD investigates deadly shooting in Queens

A passenger was fatally shot when a driver pulled up on his vehicle and opened fire in the Glendale section of Queens.

Video Transcript

KEN ROSATO: We're following breaking news. A deadly shooting in Queens. A passenger in a car was killed. Police are now searching for the shooter. Eyewitness News reporter Derick Wallers live in Glendale with the latest. Derek, what do we know?

DERICK WALLER: Ken, good morning. Right now, police are looking for the shooter, the man who-- or the person who shot up this car behind me. You see it here at the intersection of Woodhaven Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue. The blinkers still on after it crashed into a pole as the person in-- man in the front passenger seat of the silver sedan got shot and killed overnight.

And we have some video from earlier this morning. That silver Chevy Malibu with New Jersey plates crashed into a pole. It was also shot up several times. The passenger side window is shot out with bullet holes visible in the car's frame.

Police say the 25-year-old male victim was in the front passenger seat of that car when a black four door sedan pulled up alongside it at 12:45 this morning. A verbal dispute ensued, they say, and the driver of the Black sedan opened fire. The victim pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital.

So this is still a very large crime scene here at the intersection of Myrtle and Woodhaven. So expect that to be closed for quite some time here. And so far, I can also tell you there's been no arrests in this case.