NYPD investigates triple murder-suicide

A 9-year-old called police after her mother and two sisters were fatally shot in what appeared to be a triple murder-suicide in Brooklyn late Monday.

Video Transcript

- Horrific details emerging from a story in Brooklyn. Police are investigating a triple murder-suicide in Brownsville, and a nine-year-old girl called 911 to report it. Eyewitness News Reporter Derick Waller has the latest from the scene.

DERICK WALLER: This is a deeply disturbing story. Police say this nine-year-old girl made that gruesome discovery. And they say it was her own father who pulled the trigger before turning the gun on himself.

GAIL GRANT-STUART: Walk away. You know? Walk away. It just makes sense.

DERICK WALLER: Neighbors at the Van Dyke Houses waking up to this gut-wrenching news. A little girl's entire family, her two sisters, mom, and dad, all dead in an apparent triple murder-suicide.

GAIL GRANT-STUART: We getting too much killing for the past while. You know? It's not safe. Oh, my God. It's so sad. And living in the same building, it just crawled my skin this morning to hear that.

DERICK WALLER: This is what the apartment complex looked like overnight, paramedics and police on the scene at Sutter Avenue and Mother Gaston Boulevard just after 11:30. This morning, the flow of cops continued. We saw police still guarding that fourth floor crime scene.

The victims include the girl's 45-year-old mother and her sisters, ages 20 as well as a teenager. Police say the 46-year-old father shot and killed all three before running outside and shooting himself in the head. His final moments caught on surveillance video.

DERMOT SHEA: We have the video of the incident where the individual then leaves and takes his own life a short distance away. So it appears to be domestic in nature, at this point in time.

DERICK WALLER: A domestic tragedy, neighbors agree, should have never been allowed to happen.

DANIEL GOODINE: It's a lot, maybe mental health issues that we don't even address in the neighborhood.

DERICK WALLER: Now, there's a little girl left with lifelong trauma.

DANIEL GOODINE: Circle that family, circle that young lady, and see whatever help we can give her and just help along the way. I mean, she lost a lot, now it's time for her to gain something back.

DERICK WALLER: Police also tell us they've recovered at least two guns, one from the apartment, the other located next to the father's body. And that investigation into what led up to all this continues.