NYPD Launches Campaign To Recruit New Police Officers

There's a big push from the NYPD to recruit new police officers. Registration opens Wednesday to sign up for the test in June, and officials admit they have their work cut out for them; CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.

Video Transcript

KRISTINE JOHNSON: A big push from the NYPD to recruit new police officers. Registration opens tomorrow to sign up for the test in June.

DICK BRENNAN: And officials admit they have their work cut out for them. CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports on the new campaign.

ANDREA GRYMES: A diverse chorus of officers with one message.

- Join the NYPD.

ANDREA GRYMES: This new recruitment video is just one way the NYPD is getting the word out.

- Change a life, save a life, live a life of meaning.

- Urging New Yorkers to be the change they want to see in the Department and sign up for the police test in June.

DERMOT SHEA: I couldn't possibly begin to put into words what a special job this is.

ANDREA GRYMES: Commissioner Dermot Shea says he knows these are trying times for law enforcement. They're trying to break through to potential candidates by talking candidly to those not only worried about anti-police sentiment from the public, but also those who have had negative interactions with police themselves.

BENJAMIN TUCKER: What I realize is I can make a difference if I'm inside.

ANDREA GRYMES: The NYPD is a majority minority department, meaning 52% of members are minorities. Still, Commissioner Shea admits getting African-American men to become cops is tough. Police officer Matthew Jackson says he was encouraged to sign up from Chief of Department Rodney Harrison, who took him under his wing.

MATTHEW JACKSON: I love when I'm patrolling and people walk up to me and say, thank you. Thank you, officer, for being here.

RODNEY HARRISON: If you want to help people and work with people, then we want you to be part of this organization.

- Test registration runs from April 7 through the 27th. It's open to anyone 17 and a half to 35 years old. Starting salary is $42,500.

If you pass the written exam in June, you move forward in the hiring process, which also includes in part a medical exam, a psychological exam, and a background investigation. The NYPD hopes to start the first Academy class from this pool of candidates next spring. At police headquarters, Andrea Grymes, CBS2 News.