NYPD Reports Drop In Felony Crime In City Subways

The NYPD is reporting a drop in felony crime in city subways, specifically robberies and grand larcenies.

Video Transcript

- NYPD is reporting a drop in felony crime in the subway, specifically robberies and grand larceny, as the latest numbers showing as of Monday, there have been 261 major crimes in transit this year. That's compared to 630 during the same period last year. That's a nearly 59% drop.

SARAH FEINBERG: While I'm grateful to see significant crimes coming down, of course I continue to be concerned about the misdemeanor assaults and crimes that we see continue in the system.

- The MTA says it's also important to note that while ridership is increasing, it's still just a fraction of what it was pre-pandemic. NYPD recently added 600 extra officers to combat a spike in violent crime.