NYPD: Suspect Attacked Mother Who Attended Rally Against Racial Violence

The NYPD is investigating new attacks against Asian Americans amid a nationwide spike in hate crimes. CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.

Video Transcript

- The NYPD is investigating new attacks against Asian-Americans amid a nationwide spike in hate crimes.

- Police are now looking for a man who assaulted a mother who had just attended a rally against racial violence. CBS 2's Andrea Grymes live for us in the East Village with more on this case, Andrea.

ANDREA GRYMES: Digging, Kristine, this mom had just left a protest speaking out against anti-Asian hate when police say she became a victim. Nursing a twisted, swollen ankle and a bruised lip, Katie Hou never thought this would happen to her.

KATIE HOU: Angry, very angry.

ANDREA GRYMES: She says she and her seven-year-old daughter had just left a Black and Asian solidarity rally in Union Square Sunday morning when this man approached her asking for their sign. It read, racist equals psychopath.

KATIE HOU: I thought he will be using that for the protest. So I said, "OK, you can have it".

ANDREA GRYMES: Hou says they walked away, but the suspect started stomping on the sign near Astor Place and 8th Street in the East Village.

KATIE HOU: I said, "What are you doing?" And he just approached me and attacked me. I chased him out-- I tried to grab him.

ANDREA GRYMES: Hou says he had punched her, and she twisted her ankle running after him.

- Racist.

ANDREA GRYMES: Hou says she yelled at him as he got away. Police believe her case is one of at least three suspected anti-Asian hate crimes over the weekend. The latest NYPD statistics show 22 anti-Asian hate crimes so far this year, compared to zero during the same time period last year.

- An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

ANDREA GRYMES: This afternoon dozens attended a rally against anti-Asian hate and violence on the Lower East Side. Meantime, Mayor de Blasio again spoke out during his daily press conference.

BILL DE BLASIO: It sickens me, and it angers me, and we will deal with it aggressively. You can expect to see increased NYPD presence out there to protect you.

ANDREA GRYMES: Hou does not want what happened to her to discourage anyone from continuing to make their voice heard.

KATIE HOU: Even though it's risky that doesn't mean that you stay home and do your own things all the time.

ANDREA GRYMES: Police did make an arrest in one of the cases from the weekend, another woman who was attacked but on the Lower East Side. As for Katie Hou's attack, a $2,500 reward is now being offered. Reporting live in the East Village, Andrea Grymes, CBS 2 News.

- All right, Andrea Thanks very much.