NYT: Kim Jong Un to visit Russia for arms deal with Putin

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un plans to visit Russia this month to discuss supplying Moscow with more weapons for its war in Ukraine, the New York Times reported on Sept. 4.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin hopes to secure additional artillery shells and antitank missiles, according to information provided by American officials.

U.S. National Security Spokesperson Adrienne Watson said that "leader-level diplomatic engagement" is expected during the arms deal discussion.

In August, White House officials said that Putin was looking to acquire more weapons from North Korea, and that the Kremlin's arsenal had been depleted by sanctions and continued losses in Ukraine.

The new intelligence provided to the New York Times indicates that the leaders are planning to meet in Vladivostok during the Eastern Economic Forum, held Sept. 10-13.

The anniversary of the founding of North Korea is observed on Sept. 9.

Kim Jong Un would likely travel to Russia by armored train, the New York Times reported. Officials said a meeting in Moscow was possible, but not confirmed.

"Mr. Kim would like Russia to provide North Korea with advanced technology for satellites and nuclear-powered submarines" in addition to "food aid for his impoverished nation," the officials told the New York Times.

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