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New York Times No. 1: Mark Levin’s American Marxism sells 400,000 in first week

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They don’t call conservative media mogul Mark Levin the “Great One” for nothing.

Just over a week after its release, his latest book, American Marxism, will debut on the New York Times bestseller list in the No. 1 slot for non-fiction hardcover books and ebooks, according to publishing sources.

It is also expected to list as the top seller in Canada on the Globe & Mail list.

And it has been No. 1 all week on Amazon.

As it should. We’re told that American Marxism, which was long an Amazon presale No. 1, sold a record-smashing 330,000 hardcover copies in its first week and about another 70,000 in other formats, including ebooks and e-audio books.

This makes seven straight New York Times bestsellers for Levin, and American Marxism is already rivaling his top seller, Liberty and Tyranny.

The sales explosion comes at a time when conservatives are pushing back on liberals and Washington Democrats, and Levin is helping to lead a movement against progressives trying to change the nation and rip down long-standing traditions.

The book is his latest and most urgent call to action to his growing audience through his syndicated radio show, online TV, and Fox News.

In a recent interview, he said, “If you love individualism and freedom, if you love opportunity, capitalism, if you love this nation, and you appreciate everything that's come before, the shoulders that we stand on, then it's time to step up, it’s here and it's now, and they are devouring this society.”

Especially since the death of his friend Rush Limbaugh, Levin has become the voice of “patriots” challenging progressives, a role he prefers to holding office.

“If I ran for office, I would have less of a voice than I do now. Plus, my personality would not go well with most of the individuals who are in public office who talk a good game and do very little. So, it just wouldn't work out,” he said.

Levin added in that interview, “What we're confronting is not a temporary fad. It's not part of a cycle. It is an iron fist or a wrecking ball that has already done enormous damage to this society and to this country. And it's going to take a tremendous amount of work. It's going to take tens of millions of us. And it's going to take individuals who never thought they could be heroes and patriots to say, you know what, ‘My children and grandchildren are going to face a hellish impoverished future if I don’t stand up now.’”

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