Oacoma woman facing attempted murder for stabbing dispute over missing animals

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Jun. 30—An Oacoma woman will be arraigned Tuesday, July 6 for second-degree attempted murder and aggravated assault charges over an argument involving missing cats and chickens.

Elisa Sillaway, 33, of Oacoma, was arrested May 22 for allegedly stabbing a woman seven times, including once in the neck, three times in the side, two times in the back and once in the hand, according to court documents.

The arrest affidavit says officers, during the investigation, learned about "a feud" going on between the victim's family and Sillaway's family. Law enforcement interviewed Jason Sillaway, Elisa's husband, following the alleged stabbing. He told officers that he believes the victim's family was killing the Sillaway's cats and chickens, which they said were going missing.

Officers on May 22 were called to the 400 block of West Second Street in Oacoma to a report of a stabbing. The victim sustained severe injuries and was airlifted to Sioux Falls.

Authorities say that video captured by a witness shows Sillaway and her husband walked onto private property, and began arguing with the victim. When the argument turned physical, Sillaway repeatedly stabbed the victim and fled.

Officers then attempted to locate Sillaway at a camper parked down the block. Her husband said Sillaway had taken a walk, and that he was unaware of her location.

While searching the property, Sillaway was located in an outbuilding with blood on her hand and in possession of the same knife depicted in the video, the affidavit says.

Sillaway and her husband were both transported to the Brule County Detention Center. Her arraignment is set for July 6 at the Lyman County Courthouse in Kennebec.

South Dakota's maximum sentence is up to 25 years in prison plus a fine of up to $50,000 for murder in the second degree, a Class 2 felony, and up to 15 years in prison plus a fine of up to $30,000 for aggravated assault.

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