Oak Creek COVID-19 Recovery Rate Nears 80 Percent

Scott Anderson

OAK CREEK, WI — Officials in Oak Creek say more than 78 percent of all COVID-19 cases in the city have recovered through Tuesday.

According to the Oak Creek Health Department, there were 221 reported cases of COVID-19 in Oak Creek, and 13 COVID-19-related deaths. City officials said of the 221 reported cases, there have been 174 recoveries.

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Oak Creek officials say the southernmost part of the city is still the hardest-hit when it comes to confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Oak Creek's census tract 1603, bordered by Franklin to the west, Lake Michigan to the East, Racine County to the south and E. Ryan Road to the north has seen nearly 65 of Oak Creek's 221 total cases.

Important Information

  • The Oak Creek Health Department says COVID-19 is still spreading in the community. To lower your risk, continue to practice physical distancing and avoid gatherings.
  • The temporary public health order has expired. All businesses are encouraged to reopen safely, implementing safe business practices and physical distancing between employees and customers.
  • The CDC and WI DHS recommend wearing a cloth face cover when you are outside the home conducting essential activities.

This article originally appeared on the Oak Creek Patch