Oak Park Fourth Of July Parade Among Events Canceled Even As State Fully Reopens

The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois are set to fully reopen in just a matter of days, but that does not mean everything is going back to normal just yet.

Video Transcript

- With that good news, the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois are set to fully reopen Friday. But that doesn't mean, everything is going back to normal just yet. CBS 2's Marissa Parra joins us from Oak Park.

MARISSA PARRA: For the second year in a row Oak Park will have no 4th of July fireworks or parade. The village said in a statement emerging from the pandemic is not a sprint.

PAUL GEGENHEIMER: As far as I can remember the parade assembles on [? Kyler ?] here.

MARISSA PARRA: A lifelong Oak Park resident, Paul Gegenheimer looks back on past 4th of July parades that started on his street.

PAUL GEGENHEIMER: Generally draws a good crowd, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, the high school band, fire trucks.

MARISSA PARRA: But this year these streets will remain quiet. The village of Oak Park canceled their July 4th parade for the second year in a row, citing a cautious approach. An approach shared by Evanston's 4th of July Association, who announced they too would be canceling their festivities.

Further Southwest, Rib Fest, the summer event that brings people together to chow down on ribs for charity canceled in Romeoville. A move surprising to some as the state is days away from fully reopening, but not surprising to Dr. Emily Landon.

EMILY LANDON: The pandemic isn't completely gone. As much as some of us really want to see it be completely gone.

MARISSA PARRA: With roughly half of the residents fully vaccinated, the village of Oak Park says smaller gatherings like the Juneteenth ceremony this past weekend are different because the 4th of July parade quote, attracts thousands. Many are children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. Adding that the parade is a quote, huge logistical undertaking.

EMILY LANDON: Just because we're reopening everything does not mean that it's appropriate or that every place is going to choose to do that.

MARISSA PARRA: In Oak Park, Marissa Parra, CBS 2 News.