Oak Park Police Officer Shot During Traffic Stop Near Eisenhower Expressway; Suspect Injured

According to police, the officer was assisting the Forest Park Police with a traffic stop on Harlem Avenue near the expressway around 7 a.m. Police said the driver of the vehicle, stopped by police, got out of the car and started shooting.

Video Transcript

YASMEEN HASSAN: We also want to start with some breaking news. An Oak Park police officer is shot during a traffic stop. All this happened right around 7 o'clock this morning at Harlem right near 290. CBS2's Mugo Odigwe is live right there to tell us what we know so far about the investigation.

MUGO ODIGWE: Hey, Yasmeen. We're on Harlem and Harrison right now. We're coming up on four hours, and it's still a very active scene. If you look behind me right now, you can see several police cars from Oak Park Police. Further down close to the entrance of 290 is where their investigation is focused right now.

Again, they've been out here since 7:00 this morning, but I want to start with this video of what the scene looks like earlier. Lots of police officers out there this morning. Part of the road was closed as they investigated. We counted at least 28 evidence markers on the ground.

Again, this started out as a traffic stop. According to Oak Park Police, one of their officers was helping Forest Park police with the traffic stop. They tell us the driver stopped the car, got out, and started shooting. The Oak Park officer was hit, but he shot back at the suspect.

So right now that Oak Park officer and the suspect, they're in the hospital. We're told they have serious but non-life-threatening injuries. This is clearly an ongoing investigation. The scene out here is still active. So we'll update you once we have new information from Oak Park Police.

We're live in Oak Park. Mugo Odigwe, CBS2 News.

YASMEEN HASSAN: Thanks for staying on top of this.