Oak Park Police Officer Shot During Traffic Stop Near Eisenhower Expressway

CBS 2's Steven Graves reports an Oak Park police officer was shot while assisting with a traffic stop near the Eisenhower Expressway Thursday.

Video Transcript

- Now new details about a traffic stop turned shootout in the western suburbs. Two people were shot, including an Oak Park Police officer. CBS2's Steven Graves is live at Loyola Medical Center, where that officer and the gunman are being treated. Steven?

STEVEN GRAVES: Erica, both that suspect and the officer have serious injuries. At this hour, I'm told they are both expected to be OK after what a witness describes as a very chaotic scene. During the early morning rush hour around 7:00, the Harlem Avenue overpass near the Eisenhower Expressway shut down, Oak Park police saying this was a routine traffic stop turned into a shootout.

ROBERT CLARK: No one knew what was going on.

SANJAY LAL: My customers, they live across the street. They sent me the message that something happened by your store.

ROBERT CLARK: People was running away from the scene. Even people was coming out to see [INAUDIBLE] running, moving.

STEVEN GRAVES: It started when Forrest Park Police pulled over a driver, but it's unclear what for. Officers say a man got out of that car and started shooting. An Oak Park officer who came to assist fired back at him.

ROBERT CLARK: It was like seven shots. Random shots just kept on going.

STEVEN GRAVES: The suspect and the Oak Park officer both ended up shot with serious injuries. This man, who works at a nearby car dealership, watched the injured officer from a window.

ROBERT CLARK: He was holding his side, and the other cop was just holding him, telling him to get into the car.

STEVEN GRAVES: Medics later took the suspect from the scene. But also caught up in the middle of the shootout, a US Postal Service truck. You can see shell casings littered around the tires. US Postal inspectors say their worker was not injured. Investigators shut down the scene for at least five hours as they looked for evidence. And we're still working to learn the identity of the suspect. We do know, right now, Illinois State Police are also involved in this investigation. I'm also asking Oak Park Police if there was any body camera footage here. They tell me they're working on my request. Reporting live at Loyola Medical Center, Steven Graves "CBS2 News."