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Oakland to align CA on June 15; present A's ballpark deal to county

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When asked about the A's ballpark deal, Mayor Schaaf said it's unclear when the county will make a decision and vote on the proposal but the pitch details should be available to the public on Friday.

Video Transcript

- Good to see you. So we sell San Francisco, right, announce and clarify what reopening on June 15 looks like. Is Oakland-- have you had talks with Alameda County jointly about whether you'll align with the state in terms of restrictions or no restrictions?

LIBBY SCHAAF: Yes, Alameda County announced yesterday we are now in the yellow tier. And we will align with the state in our reopening plan. So this is great news. And congratulations to everyone who's made it possible by getting your vaccination, by getting tested, by staying safe. All those sacrifices have gotten us to this moment.

REGGIE AQUI: So now that this is going to happen on Tuesday, and if you go down-- if you go downtown really in any of our cities, you're going to see that it is still kind of a ghost town. I mean, there are a lot of businesses that are shut down or not fully reopen. I'm sure we're going to start to see more people go back to their offices soon.

But what can be done to kind of boost the economic impact of all of that we've been experiencing for now almost a year and a half?

LIBBY SCHAAF: Yeah. Well, Reggie we're still looking for a little more clarity from the state of California on workplace safety guidelines. I know they're trying to get that out for everyone because it hasn't been as clear as it should be. But I think people have a lot of pent up social energy. So to come out, enjoy this fabulous weather.

And then we as employers-- and I say this as someone who runs the city of Oakland with 5,000 amazing employees who have done so much over this last year-- but we're having conversations about what we learned over this last year. Are people going to want to telecommute at least part time? I think these are good conversations, and we should facilitate them, listen to them, and make sure that any of the lessons we learned during this difficult year are not forgotten as we build back better.

- All right. Part of building Oakland's future, that takes us to the ballpark proposal at Howard Terminal for the A's. Look, I know you're still waiting for the council to vote, right? But you've reached out to Alameda County to say, hey, help us out with the funding, that infrastructure, $855 million. What are you hearing right now? How are you feeling about it? Is that going to happen?

LIBBY SCHAAF: Well, fabulous news. The county has sent us a letter and are asking us to present at a special board of supervisors meeting on Tuesday, on June 15. And so that will be our chance to make a pitch, pun fully intended, along with the A's about why the county's partnership is needed. And why it's going to be great for the county.

So please mark your calendars. June 15 will be that special meeting. I'm sure, you know, there'll be lots of questions. I'm guessing it won't be the last time the county discusses it. But we really appreciate their willingness to entertain this partnership proposal and listen to our story about why this is great, not just for A's fans, but for the whole community.

- Wow. OK, you heard it here first. And if I might just make a pun too, I hope it's a home run for all parties involved.

REGGIE AQUI: Oh my gosh. Wow.

- Had to do it.


- Had to do it, I know, I know.

REGGIE AQUI: Let me just ask you about that June 15 date. So this is a presentation that's going to be done in front of the county. When will they actually make a decision? Do we know that?

LIBBY SCHAAF: We don't. That obviously is up to them. But people can expect to see the meeting materials published on the county's website sometime on Friday. And we're going to just put our best foot forward. We're excited to be up at bat. Let's just keep those bad puns going.

And just really appreciate that the county is going to have the conversation. They're anxious to hear, you know, what it is that we're so excited about. So we're going to absolutely be there to make that pitch. And this is--

- Are we striking out with you, Reggie?

LIBBY SCHAAF: The opportunity, it's not just-- it's so much bigger than a ballpark.

- Yeah.

LIBBY SCHAAF: The community benefits, the affordable housing, the anti-displacement work, the environmental improvements, the good union jobs, and the increased tax revenues. I really believe it is a home run for the whole community.

REGGIE AQUI: Goal or something.

- No.

REGGIE AQUI: Something like that.

- He knows sports.

LIBBY SCHAAF: Wrong sport, Reggie.


LIBBY SCHAAF: Wrong sport.

REGGIE AQUI: I'm working on it. I'm getting better. Let me talk to you about the guaranteed income program that just started this week. We were telling people on the news that people could start applying for it if they fit into the parameters. Right now, this is a really specific area of Oakland. I think it's a one mile square radius, right? That people have to be in. Where are we eventually going to get with this, Mayor Schaaf?

LIBBY SCHAAF: So right, now phase one-- that's the concentrated East Oakland part of this demonstration project-- is open. Please, if you know anyone who lives between Haven's Court and 94th, above International, below MacArthur-- that's roughly the boundaries-- have them apply now. Applications are open and available at oaklandresilientfamilies.org.

Now, the deadline for this phase is June 30, then we're going to be opening it up citywide. You do have to have a minor child in your household and income qualified to participate. But 600 Oakland families will be receiving $500 a month, no strings attached, for 18 months.

And we are excited to see how that is just going to transform lives and make people so much better-- more secure, more well, and able to get more work. That's what we saw in Stockton. We hope to see it in Oakland, and eventually, the country.

- All right. Mayor Schaaf, thank you. We had so many more questions for you. They'll have to wait till next time.