Parents want Oakley school board recalled after offensive comments

"They want their babysitters back." There are growing calls for board members of the Oakley Union Elementary School District Board of Education to resign after they were caught making light of students still being at home.

Video Transcript

KUMASI AARON: Parents are upset about comments from the Oakley Union Elementary School District Board of Education, and this happened during an online meeting they thought was private. ABC 7 news reporter Amy Hollifield live in Oakley with the video. Amy?

AMY HOLLYFIELD: Hi, good morning, Kumasi. Yeah, parents are upset. There's already an online petition calling for the school board to be recalled or to resign. We've got some audio for you of board member Lisa Brizendine talking about how parents who want their kids to come back to school just want teachers to watch their kids, and she doesn't call them teachers. Listen.

LISA BRIZENDINE: They don't know what we [INAUDIBLE] behind the scenes, and it's really unfortunate that they want to pick on us because they want their babysitters back.

- Right.

- Right.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: Calls the teachers babysitters. Well, the petition has 424 signatures of support, and it was just created last night. The comments online show that parents are upset, with one parent saying, my kids deserve better than this violent and uncaring bunch of bullies.

In the video, you can also hear board member Kim Beede use expletives in talking about parents. The board also talks about making parents call in and record their public comments, rather than making them live in a meeting. And the recording would just cut them off at exactly three minutes.

About seven minutes into the video, the board realizes that they are public and that parents are on the call and listening to all of this, so they abruptly cut it off. No one from the school district or any of the board members have commented.