Oath Keeper pleads guilty in Capitol riot case, will cooperate with investigators

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A Florida man admitted Wednesday that he joined with other members of the far-right Oath Keepers in storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, the second follower of the group to plead guilty to charges stemming from the riot.

Graydon Young, 54, pleaded guilty to conspiring with roughly a dozen other Oath Keepers who came to Washington to protest the results of the presidential election. Prosecutors said he and other members of the group discussed the need to maintain operational security and used encrypted messaging applications.

It was the first guilty plea in one of the government's conspiracy cases connected to the riot.

Young also entered a guilty plea to a charge of obstructing the congressional proceeding. Prosecutors agreed to drop four other charges connected to the riot.

He faces a maximum of 20 years in prison, but the punishment will likely be far less when he is sentenced later this year.

Prosecutors said Young joined with other Oath Keepers by lining up in a military-style stack formation, barging past the police perimeter, and entering the Capitol building. He was not accused of engaging in any violent behavior in the building or damaging any property.

In April, Oath Keeper member Jon Schaffer of Indiana admitted that he entered the Capitol while wearing a tactical vest and armed with bear spray. He agreed to cooperate with investigators.

Young is also cooperating, prosecutors said, agreeing to testify before a grand jury investigating the riot. His agreement to help in one of the few conspiracy cases connected to the riot is a boost for the government.

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