Obama, Biden team up in Michigan, emphasize lack of drama in potential Biden administration

Tim O'Donnell
·1 min read

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, reunited with his old boss, former President Barack Obama in Flint, Michigan, on Saturday as part of a final campaign stretch ahead of Tuesday's Election Day.

Obama spoke first, touting his old running mate's acumen. At one point, he said that he and former first lady Michelle Obama had recently been talking about how a "big benefit" of a possible Biden presidency is the fact that "you're not going to have think about them every day," implying that what many consider to be the over-politicization of daily life will decline if President Trump is no longer in office.

Biden, too, emphasized a lack of dramatics, arguing that the Obama administration enjoyed two scandal-free terms.

The drive-in event was the first of two for the day in the crucial swing state. Obama and Biden will next head to Detroit.

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