Obama birthday bash attendee declares it the 'party of all parties': 'Y'all never seen Obama like this'

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Barack Obama
Barack Obama Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former President Barack Obama held his 60th birthday celebration over the weekend, and despite it being smaller than originally planned, one attendee declared it the "party of all parties."

Obama gathered friends and family at Martha's Vineyard on Saturday for a birthday party, which ended up being scaled back at the last minute due to the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19. There were about 200 friends and family members in attendance for the outdoor gathering, according to People. Videos that spread over social media provided a look into the party, with Obama seen dancing in a tent to the song "Birthday B----" with the lyrics changed to "Birthday Prez," The Washington Post reports.

In an Instagram post, music manager T.J. Chapman wrote, "The production, the sound, the lights, the staff, the food, the drinks — like, man, epic. Epic, epic, man. Y'all never seen Obama like this in your life. … The party of all parties." An insider also told People that Obama "had the biggest smile" throughout the party, and he "danced all night." Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and John Legend were reportedly among those on the guest list, though The New York Times reported that Larry David, David Letterman, and Conan O'Brien were among those who were uninvited when the party was scaled back. Obama still faced criticism for holding the party amid the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in the United States.

President Biden himself wasn't in attendance, but he sent a happy birthday video message that played at the party, the Post reports. As he turns 60, the Post describes how Obama seems to clearly be enjoying his post-presidency life, with former White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett saying of Barack and Michelle Obama, "Over the 30 years I've known them, I don't think I've ever seen them as happy as they are now."

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