Obama Camp Releases Spanish-Language Ads

Matt Vasilogambros and Sophie Quinton

The Obama campaign released a series of Spanish-language television and radio ads on Wednesday, in a new push for the critical Latino vote.

Featuring personal accounts from campaign volunteers and organizers, this first set of ads highlights the president's record on education. The ads describe ways President Obama has worked to improve the Head Start program and provide more funding for student Pell Grants.

The ads will air in Hispanic-heavy Colorado, Nevada and Florida. Latinos for Obama, an organizing effort by the campaign to reach out to Hispanic voters, was also launched on Wednesday.

"It's no secret that Latinos will be a deciding factor in this election," campaign manager Jim Messina told reporters in a conference call.

Democrats on the call also emphasized Republican opposition to passing comprehensive immigration reform, and cast the 2012 election as a clear choice between a president who advocates for Latinos and a candidate who insults them.

"Mitt Romney would be the most extreme nominee the Republican Party has ever had on immigration," San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro  said. Castro, a national co-chair for the Obama campaign, called Romney's rejection of the DREAM act "insulting" to young people who grew up as Americans and want a path to earn their citizenship.