Obama compares Trump to a 'two-bit dictator'

Former President Barack Obama is criticizing President Donald Trump for casting doubt on the results of Tuesday’s upcoming election, likening him to strongmen elsewhere in the world. (Nov. 2)

Video Transcript

BARACK OBAMA: After 4 years of failure and division, we have the power to change America. Tomorrow you can put an end to the politics that tries to pull us apart, just to win an election. He's-- he's been coddling dictators for the last 4 years. And now, apparently, he says he might declare victory before all the votes are counted tomorrow.


Don't boo. No! That's not something you want to hear in Little Havana. Or Little Haiti. That's not something that a leader of a democracy does. That's something a two-bit dictator does. If you believe in democracy, you want every vote counted!

Miami-Dade has the highest enrollment under Obamacare of any county in Florida. Florida has the highest enrollment of any state in America. So when Trump, last week, flat out says he hopes Supreme Court overturns Obamacare. What he's saying is he wants to take your health insurance away.

Tomorrow we can choose hope over fear. And unity over division. And if we do, Florida-- if we vote like our lives depend on it. We will elect Joe Biden as President. We will elect Kamala Harris as Vice President. And we will leave no doubt about who we are, and what this country, that we love, stands for!