Obama joins Michigan Democrats for Get Out the Vote campaign

Former President Barak Obama was in Detroit Saturday for the Democrats’ Get out the Vote Campaign. The event took place at Renaissance High School on the city’s west side where thousands showed up to hear the former president. Detroit resident Cathey Simmons attended the rally. “I’m telling everybody, out of all the elections that I’ve lived through, I think this is one of the most important,” admitted Simmons. She said the main issue for her is voting rights. “My great-grandmother and my grandmother fought for us to vote. So I think all citizens, not only black, not only brown but all citizens need to vote, especially now,” Simmons said. Others said they were focused on a variety of issues. “The issues that are most important to me right now of course always education. I think that is the basis of everything. I’d like to see a lot done with healthcare, especially mental health,” said Holt resident Lenoris Allen.