Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Facebook’s ‘Corporate Controlled Currency’ Libra

Aaron Weaver
AOC sets her sights on another 'big tech' giant after Amazon.| Source: Shutterstock; Edited by CCN

The Libra Association and Facebook took a lashing during their first day of congressional hearings on Tuesday. Wednesday wasn’t much better.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) focused on a comment David Marcus, CEO of Calibra, made yesterday when he said he would trust all of his assets in Libra.

“You said yesterday you would be comfortable taking 100 percent of your pay in Libra. In the history of this country, there is a term for being paid in a corporate-controlled currency,” she said. “Do you know what that term is?”

Marcus said he did not. Ocasio-Cortez continued,

“It’s called ‘scrip.’ Do you think there’s a risk in taking your pay this way?”

Marcus did not answer the question as Ocasio-Cortez ran out of time.

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