You Are The Occasion Darling! It’s Time To Stand In Your Light

You Are The Occasion Darling! It’s Time To Stand In Your Light | uncoveredlens Eze Joshua

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If you’re active on social media, chances are you’ve seen the phrase “Your worth is not measured by your productivity,” on your timeline at least once in the past few weeks. It’s a sharp change from the hustle mentality that has been prevalent in popular culture over the past few years. It seems as though we are collectively moving away from the idea that we have to constantly be “doing” and finally placing equal value on down time as we do productivity.

But if we’re being honest: the way some of these internet girlies are leaning into their “soft girl era” makes self-care seem like a lot of work. The self-care retreats are costly, which means you’ll have to work overtime while stacking both paper and PTO hours. The vacations are packed with activities, which frankly sounds like swapping one kind of productivity for another. Even staycations and at home spa-days can seem overly complicated when viewed through the lens of social media.

Still, none of this changes the fact that one of the most important steps towards productivity is rest. The same way your body needs sleep to restore itself, your creativity and ability to show up as your best self at work depend on you finding the time to fully unplug. But don’t let the internet peer pressure you into thinking you can only find time for yourself through grand gestures and luxury moves.

The truth is down time, quiet time, self-care, or whatever term you prefer is truly something each of us has to define ourselves. And to be honest: many of us are overthinking what that has to look like.

Your personal break from the world could be sitting on the porch with your grandparents, enjoying a glass of sweet tea while inheriting your family’s oral history. It could be a sunrise hike and solo meditation at the top of a mountain. Or you, your couch, a good book, and your favorite playlist.

Yes, the big moves and actual vacations matter; use ALL of that PTO, friend! But in between the big plays, remember that the most important part of every moment in your life is you! As a matter of fact, nothing gets you better prepared for the big moves than the smaller opportunities you carve out to celebrate yourself, your life, or even to nurse yourself through heartache or a bump in the road.

Your perfect rhythm, your self-care, your golden hour are all what you make of them. Make sure you make each and every one count.