Occupation authorities entice workers from Russia to Mariupol but fail to pay their wages

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SUNDAY – 14 AUGUST 2022, 05:41

The Russian occupation authorities in Mariupol are bringing in workers from the Russian Federation to work in the city, promising wages twice as high as their pay in Russia, but have so far failed to pay them anything.

Source: Mariupol City Council

Details: Bricklayers, decorators and electrical engineers who had been brought in to Mariupol from St Petersburg were promised wages twice as high as what they would get paid for similar work in Russia.

Mariupol City Council has reported that "video messages from those who have been brought in to work in the occupied cities are already beginning to appear; they complain of being ‘conned’. They are working without contracts, and now they are not even being paid wages."

Local residents of Mariupol are not being offered these jobs. The majority of them are currently unemployed. Those who have been able to secure a job have not been paid for their work.

Background: On 10 August, employees of the municipal enterprise Mariupol Vodokanal [water supply service - ed.] refused to work because they were not paid any salary.

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