Occupied Enerhodar runs out of fuel after evacuation announced, says mayor

The Russians are conducting an evacuation in Energodar

The official said that by announcing the evacuation, the Russians provoked panic in the town, especially among those who have obtained Russian passports.

“The first wave of evacuation began yesterday (May 6) morning, but we can’t call it a mass (evacuation) at the moment,” he said.

“Some of the people who wanted to leave were loaded onto buses. Some left in their own cars. Accordingly, gas stations ran out of fuel yesterday. ATMs aren’t working or are working with great restrictions, and there is actually nowhere to withdraw money. The Internet is partially down. On the other hand, the prices of food and medicines have risen significantly.”

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Orlov noted that all this was taking place under the slogans “no panic” and “the local authorities continue to work.

”However, according to the mayor, the occupation administration has actually suspended its work.“Passport offices and several departments of the so-called ‘administration’were the first to be closed,” he said.

“They took away documents and equipment, including the one that belonged to our administrative service center and was seized by the rashists (Russian fascists).”

Orlov said that overnight on May 7 and in the morning, the invaders began to take medical equipment out of the hospital, which was first sorted and then loaded onto cars.

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Also, several hospital departments have suspended work, while patients are advised to evacuate, he added.

The first wave of the Russian evacuation also included categories of the civilian population that were announced by the invaders themselves. However, according to Orlov, not everyone agrees to leave.“Currently, there is no information that the evacuation is taking place by force,” the mayor said.

Earlier, the Russians announced the evacuation of at least 18 settlements in the occupied part of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya Oblast.

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