In occupied Mariupol, public utility workers are rioting: they demand a salary

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On 10 August, employees of the municipal enterprise Mariupol Vodokanal [water supply service -ed.] refused to work because they were not given a salary.

Source: Mariupol City Council on Telegram

Quote from Mariupol City Council: "A riot is brewing! In occupied Mariupol, employees of the Mariupol Vodokanal [water supply service] are protesting. The reason is the lack of wages."

Details: The City Council published a video, probably shot by one of the employees, who says that public utility workers do not go to work, and equipment does not leave the facilities of the municipal enterprise, because people demand a salary.

The City Council added that the invaders, who are afflicted by the slave mentality of Russians, miscalculated in Ukraine, because "Mariupol residents have dignity and are used to being respected for their work."

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