Occupiers in Mariupol assemble cages in concert hall for show trial of Ukrainian defenders City Council

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Mariupol City Council reports that the occupiers have started installing prison cages on the stage of the city’s Philharmonic Hall in order to conduct a sham trial of Ukrainian prisoners of war in September.

Source: Mariupol City Council on Telegram

Quote from Mariupol City Council: "The Russian occupiers are currently assembling prison cages on the stage of the Mariupol Chamber Philharmonic Hall. The diameter of the bars is 20 mm. The invaders plan to hold a ‘show trial’ of Ukrainian defenders in September."


Details: Vadym Boichenko, the mayor of the city, has called on the international community, including the UN and the International Red Cross, to intervene to "prevent a second Olenivka in Mariupol".



  • In July, Ukrainian intelligence reported that the Russian occupiers were preparing a fake "investigation" into the events at the Mariupol Drama Theatre in order to blame Ukrainians for the crime.

  • On 29 July, Russian media reported on the shelling of the prison camp in Olenivka, Donetsk Oblast, where Ukrainian prisoners of war were held. Propagandists claimed that there were at least 53 dead. The Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate believes that the killing of Ukrainian prisoners in Olenivka was organised by the Wagner Group [a Russian private military company] on the personal instructions of Yevgeny Prigozhin, without coordination with the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

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