Occupiers set up ammunition storage point near school in centre of Mariupol

Russian occupiers are setting up an ammunition storage point at the premises of currently destroyed Central market in Mariupol, near the school building, using civilians as human shields.

Source: Petro Andriushchenko, Adviser to Mayor of Mariupol, on Telegram 

Quote: "The occupiers have begun to set up an ammunition storage point on the territory of the destroyed Central market, in the very centre of town, about a hundred metres from School No.65, which they themselves use as the main propaganda site.

[They do this] to take cover behind civilians. As if that had never happened before…, and yet here we are again".

Reference: the Central market was completely wrecked because of Russian shelling in early March. In September, Mariupol City Council published a video from the market, showing there was nothing left from the commercial rows.


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