Ocean City COVID Update: Grades K-5 Return To 5 Days In-Person

Kimberlee Bongard
·2 min read

OCEAN CITY, NJ — Here are the latest coronavirus updates around Ocean City and Cape May County.


The Cape May County Health Department reported the following in Ocean City as of Friday — figures reported last Friday are in parenthesis.

  • community resident active cases: 61 (83)

  • community residents cleared off quarantine: 592 (530)

  • community deaths: zero (zero)

  • nonresident active cases: zero (zero)

  • longterm-care active cases: five (16)

  • longterm-care cleared off quarantine: 63 (52)

  • longterm-care deaths: zero (zero)

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The CMCHD reported the following county-wide numbers as of Friday — Jan. 22 figures in parenthesis:

  • community resident active cases: 519 (577)

  • community residents cleared off quarantine: 4,797 (4,433)

  • community deaths: zero (zero)

  • nonresident active cases: two (two)

  • longterm-care active cases: 17 (45)

  • longterm-care cleared off quarantine: 382 (345)

  • longterm-care deaths: zero (zero)

See more data here.


The state health department has logged 10,507 vaccine doses administered in Cape May County as of Friday afternoon. Cape May County has an estimated population of 92,039, and the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines each require two doses per person.

Recent Updates

  • The first phase of the Ocean City School District's reopening plan begins Monday, Feb. 1 as students in grades K-5 return to school for in-person learning five days per week. MORE.

  • Data released this week by the federal government shows how close Cape May County hospitals are to reaching capacity amid the unprecedented demands of the coronavirus pandemic. MORE.

Here's what else you should know:

  • Twelve of New Jersey's counties are now in the "red" zone for coronavirus outbreak severity, according to the latest report by the White House Coronavirus Task Force. MORE.

  • A statewide error in the state's COVID vaccination pre-registration and scheduling system is causing double bookings and other issues. MORE.

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