This is what you look like using Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is a new set of 3D virtual reality gaming goggles that is, by consensus, one of the most exciting, innovative and truly different new technology products of the last several years. Anyone you talk to who has tested Rift will invariably invoke the word "immersive" to describe the experience, and it's true: when you are within Rift, staring at the dual screens in front of your eyes, you have plunged into another, more distant world, and you tend to lose all sense of perspective of the physical, real one you actually occupy.

This has created a new kind of action that is peculiar to Rift: It involves, variously, craning your neck around, slowly gazing up and down, contorting your body to get a better view of something no one else can see, and generally acting as though you have just been transported to a different planet and cannot believe the strange, alien sights you see.

Of course, for anyone watching you play Rift, you look like a fool, twisting your skull around with giant goofy goggles strapped across your face.

To celebrate this welcome new phenomenon, we've collected GIFs of 13 people who have no idea where they are or what they look like or what their head is doing while using Oculus Rift. One day, if Rift is the success that most pundits predict it will be, you will look like this, too. Prepare to appear absolutely ridiculous while playing a video game: