O'Day Hardware is there after every disaster

Pearland's O'Day Hardware is helping thousands of families pick up the pieces after this week's frigid temperatures.

Video Transcript

CHAZ MILLER: Eric, you know, for better or for worse, your local hardware store might be the most popular space in your community these days. That is no exception here at O'Day Hardware in Pearland. Not a big line like we saw this morning, but it's definitely been busy. We've found tools here, we've found pipes here, but we've also found a community looking to help each other out even in the toughest of times.

- We try to be open as soon as we can after a natural disaster. We were a little bit hampered this time because our power was out. Came on yesterday morning. We were able to open up. But saw over 1,000 people through here yesterday.

- It's been rough. Ever since Sunday, no power, water damage, and broke pipes everywhere. So that's what I'm here trying to find stuff to piece back my life, I guess you could say.

- If you really had to, you could take--

- In a freeze event, everything happens on one or two rows in the store. PVC pipe, copper pipe, they just can't handle the cold.

- Lost a couple of rooms due to frozen pipes. This is the only place in town where you can rely on having everything.

- We went to my sister's house. She had two pipes burst.


Plumber went over there and fixed that. Then my other sister's power went out and she had two pipes burst so he went over and fixed that. So all three of us are going from house to house to house.

- Here we go sweetheart. Your signature there.

- The only reason we are here is because of this beloved Pearland community. In times like this, Pearland feels like a small town again because neighbors help neighbors. Yesterday in, our lines were 30 and 40, 50 people deep. Everybody was helping each other out. Somebody might have something at their house that somebody else needed and they were willing to oblige and help and offer advice in any way they could. That's what makes Pearland special.

- I was born and raised in Pearland so I know these people real good, so I just come and give them my money.

- Everybody that was through the door yesterday was from every different walk of life. We've had our commercial accounts that have plants down and their businesses are down. We have individuals who have leaks all over their houses. We've said a lot of apologies over the last couple of days because we just don't have the material and merchandise that they need, but we can promise them a smile.

CHAZ MILLER: And while they did have a backstock of some of this piping, one of their trucks is actually stuck in the hill country. They hope to get that here later this week to continue serving their customers. Coming up an Eyewitness News at 6:30, we will tell you another advantage of coming to O'Day Hardware. If you don't know what you're doing, like me, they'll help you out. Live in Pearland I'm Chaz Miller, ABC13 Eyewitness News.