Odd brawl erupts as 2 drivers try to pick up same man from Florida jail, deputies say

A man intent on picking up his brother from a Florida jail ended up an inmate himself after he fought with another driver who also came to get his brother, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

That other driver turned out to be his brother’s boss, the sheriff’s office said in a news release.

“We’ve heard of many fights between two men over a woman, but this case may be the first fight between two men who were attempting to pick up an in inmate who was being released at our jail,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

It happened June 21, when the drivers arrived simultaneously at the Polk County jail processing center near Winter Haven, the sheriff’s office said. Winter Haven is about 50 miles east of Tampa.

An argument erupted between the two men, then things turned physical, with the inmate’s brother shoving the other man around, officials said.

Deputies were called, but the 43-year-old suspect jumped into a red pickup and fled before they arrived, the sheriff’s office said.

The pickup was spotted the next day, resulting in a car chase, then a foot chase, then a man hunt through a Winter Haven residential neighborhood, officials said.

A sheriff’s office canine eventually sniffed out the suspect “wedged between a wood fence and a shed.”

He “was arrested and taken back to the sheriff’s processing center. This time for a drop-off instead of a pick-up,” officials said.

Records revealed the suspect was on felony probation and had “multiple prior convictions for battery,” including “battery on law enforcement officer,” officials said.

He faces charges of battery, resisting an officer and violation of probation, officials said.

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