At odds with your insurance company over a claim? New law makes it harder to sue

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As insurance prices go up, Florida lawmakers passed a plan to drive down costs: Make it harder — and more expensive — to sue insurance companies.

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed the bill, a top priority of House Speaker Paul Renner, R-Palm Coast. Renner, like many insurance companies, argued that frivolous lawsuits amount to a “tort tax” on citizens. There is little evidence, however, that auto, life and health insurance companies have been suffering for this reason.

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The changes, which also shield businesses and property owners, will affect the way negligence lawsuits are handled in court. Here’s what to know about the lawsuit limits — and their possible impacts.

The law may make insurance companies pay less in injury cases;

Increases risk for lawyers taking cases against insurers;

Overturns a 130-year-old law intended to level the playing field for the policyholder;

Cuts the time to file a negligence lawsuit from four years to two;

Limits collection of medical expenses in a negligence lawsuit;

Requires juries to weigh the role of criminals in negligence lawsuits against apartment complexes;

Absolves property owners of responsibility for crimes in their home if they adopt security measures, such as cameras, lighting and deadbolt locks.