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Chris Williamson and Ashley Nicole Moss look back at the Nets loss to the Lakers on Saturday night, and the warning signs they see for Brooklyn if they were to meet LeBron James and LA again in the NBA Finals. About What Are The Odds?: What Are The Odds combines sports betting with entertaining, engaging and insightful sports discussion. With talent from BNNY, FNNY and other SNY shows we create conversational sports betting content while still delivering the same impactful topics New York sports fans are used to. About SNY: SNY.tv is the "go-to" digital communal home for New York sports fans to get succinct, easy-to-read updates, video highlights and features, recaps, news, opinion, rumors, insight and fan reaction on their favorite New York sports teams.

Video Transcript

CHRIS WILLIAMSON: Time for "What are the Odds?" And the odds of a Nets-Lakers NBA Final was plus 400. Nichole Nicole Moss is back with us. And Ashley, you labeled Saturday's match-up as a great value versus target match-up due to all the stars out. How shocking though of an outcome was this for the Nets?

ASHLEY NICHOLE MOSS: It's very shocking. And if I were the Nets, I would be concerned because you have one of the best, if not the best, player on the court Kevin Durant and you still can't get a win against the Lakers without Anthony Davis and LeBron James. That speaks to the depth of your team. And that speaks to something that I've been concerned about with this team since they were put together in totality, and that is their lack of defense.

It's Swiss cheese if you will. There's way too many holes. And basically this team, they rely on the fact that they get into a shootout with you. And they hope that when that clock runs out, and the fourth quarter ends, and the game's over that they're on the winning end of that shootout. And you can't win basketball games like that consistently at least because injuries are going to happen, as you can see. Players are going to get ejected, as you can see. And you have to rely on defense. It always travels. And defense is your best offense when your offense is not clicking.

CHRIS WILLIAMSON: And speaking of injuries, given all the injuries both teams are dealing with, Ashley-- and who knows how healthy they will be for the playoffs-- do you still see this as the NBA Finals match-up?

ASHLEY NICHOLE MOSS: Absolutely. I think it's hard to bet against LeBron James. And it's also hard to bet against a team that has three superstars in Harden, Durant, and Irving on it. It's going to be interesting to see though because injuries are funny. They can either pretend that they never happen and a guy gets back and it's like he's brand new and he's revived and ready to go. Or as you can see in the situation with Kevin Durant, he deals with one injury, comes back, and then another one happens. So it's going to be interesting to see what LeBron and Anthony Davis look like when they return if they're a little bit rusty. And on the other side of that, it's going to be interesting to see if the Nets can stay healthy enough consistently to go ahead and compete with the Lakers in a Finals series, in a potential Finals series.

CHRIS WILLIAMSON: Yeah. That's what everybody expecting, the Nets and Lakers in the NBA Finals. If they get there, that is another question. Ashley Nichole Moss, thank you so much.