Off-Broadway Show Marks A Comeback For Musicals In New York City

The arts are starting to come back in New York City. An off-Broadway musical is among the first full performances to grace the stage in over a year; CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.

Video Transcript

- The arts are starting to make a comeback in New York City.

- Yeah. An off-Broadway musical is among the first full performances to grace the stage in over a year. CBS2's Andrea Grimes reports.

- (SINGING) I see a little Michael Scott-o of a man. [INAUDIBLE]

ANDREA GRIMES: They're sights and sounds so many have been waiting for-- shows returning to New York City.

EMMA BROCK: I'm just so thrilled to be back, to be giving joy, to be giving happiness to people and entertainment.

ANDREA GRIMES: Emma Brock plays Michael Scott in The Office, A Musical Parody, based on the hit television series.

EMMA BROCK: (SINGING) Because we have fun here.

ANDREA GRIMES: The off-Broadway show is the first musical to return to the city in over a year, since the pandemic started. It opens Friday night at the Theater Center in Midtown, with 33% capacity.

CATHERINE RUSSELL: The outside air is 42, and the inside air is 10. The lower the better.

ANDREA GRIMES: General manager Catherine Russell installed a new ventilation system, plus all actors and staffers are vaccinated.

CATHERINE RUSSELL: When the audience comes in, they will be required to be masked. We will take their temperature.

ANDREA GRIMES: Broadway shows are not expected to reopen until September. But smaller theaters like this one that host off-Broadway shows were able to reopen last week with restrictions, along with other small and medium sized entertainment venues. That also includes the Daryl Roth Theatre in Union Square, where Mayor de Blasio visited last Friday. They're hosting Blindness, billed as a socially distant sound and light experience.

- We welcome everyone. I know you'll feel comfortable. I promise you'll be safe.

ANDREA GRIMES: Today, the mayor was on hand at Lincoln Center for the first performance of Restart Stages. It's an outdoor venue with 10 spaces for performance and rehearsals. It's all a start as the place known as the city that never sleeps finally starts to reawaken. In Midtown, Andrea Grimes, CBS2 News.