Off-Duty Cicero Firefighter Rescues Two Men From Burning Building In Lyons

Cicero Fire Department Lt. Brian Kulaga said he was out running errands in Lyons on Friday afternoon, when he spotted a fire in the second floor apartments above Waterworks Tavern at 7815 Ogden Ave.

Video Transcript

- Stephen, thank you. An off duty firefighter being credited with saving two people from a burning building in west suburban Lyons. A Cicero fire lieutenant was running errands when he saw smoke coming from the second floor of Waterworks Tavern on Ogden. He heard there were two people trapped on the second floor. Without any fire equipment, he ran up the stairs, found one man, but had to think fast to get the second victim.

BRIAN KULAGA: The smoke was about a foot from the floor. I just crawled toward his voice, found him, pulled him down to the floor, and dragged to the front, dragged him out of the building.

- That's heroism there. The lieutenant has been a firefighter for 31 years. Both men expected now to be OK.