Off-duty corrections officer critically injured while helping others on highway

A New Jersey correctional officer was seriously injured after he was hit by a car while trying to assist another driver last week.

Video Transcript

- With a good deed that nearly ended a local law enforcement officials life.

- The New Jersey State Correctional's officer was hit by a car when he stopped to help another driver while on his way home from a double shift last week.

- Action News Reporter George Solis live for us now in Trenton with the latest on the officer's condition. George.

GEORGE SOLIS: Hey, Sarah and Brian. Officer Jason Rawa is slowly showing signs of improvement here at the hospital, but it's still going to be a long road to recovery. His fellow officers have come together in his hour of need to help him and the family out. Those that know Jason Rawa best will tell you, there aren't enough great things you can say about the guy.

COREY FORBES: Willing to help anybody. Real, real nice guy.

- He's always there. He's always there to help.

GEORGE SOLIS: The commitment to others is why it may not come as much of a surprise that the married father of two chose a life dedicated to protecting and serving the community as a New Jersey State Correctional police officer.

SHAWN RAWA: As his younger brother, he's kind of always been a hero to me growing up. And now, you know, now he's really one in real life.

GEORGE SOLIS: This past week, officer Rawa was on his way home after working a double shift when he came across an accident along this stretch of 195 in Hamilton township. According to police, a couch that had fallen off a truck caused the driver to swerve into a guardrail. Officer Rawa, now off duty, still didn't hesitate to help the driver. Unfortunately, that's when tragedy struck.

COREY FORBES: Another car came and hit the couch, couch and the car hit him.

GEORGE SOLIS: The crash resulted in numerous life threatening injuries for Rawa. In fact, it was so severe he was placed in an induced coma at Capitol Health Medical Center. Though awake now, family members say it's been a rough few days.

SHAWN RAWA: Still heavily sedated.

GEORGE SOLIS: Tougher still, the surging medical costs. Because the accident occurred while off duty, officer Rawa isn't covered by workers' comp. To help the family out, his fellow officers at the Police Benevolent Association local one of five started a GoFundMe page.

COREY FORBES: When something like this happens to one of us, you know, we always try to rally around the wagon.

GEORGE SOLIS: It's a big morale booster for the family who want nothing more than for this hero to come back home.

SHAWN RAWA: You get a little emotional to see how many people are stepping up.

GEORGE SOLIS: Officer Rawa has been with the force a little more than a decade. The family is close to their $30,000 goal. We do have a link to that GoFundMe on our website. That crash is still under investigation. We're live in Trenton, New Jersey. George Solis, Channel 6 Action News. Back to you.

- I suspect our generous viewers will step up to help, too, George. Thank you.