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Off-Duty CPD Officer Shot In Abdomen

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CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reports it's unclear what the motive was as the off-duty officer was sitting in his car at an intersection when he was shot at.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Breaking at this hour 18, three Chicago police officers credited with saving one of their own after he was shot while sitting in traffic on the South Side. You can see one bullet hole in the driver's side window. The officer was off duty at the time.

CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot live at the University of Chicago where that officer underwent surgery this afternoon. Suzanne.

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: Brad, he's in fair condition right now. Now the injuries pretty extensive. Multiple injuries to his small intestine, his large intestine. His doctors saying that these injuries potentially life threatening. But what really made the difference was the quick-thinking action of officers. That made a tremendous difference here.

15 bullets were fired at the off-duty officer while he was sitting inside this Jeep here at 89th and Stony.

- Emergency! Emergency! It's a PO shot. His vehicle's in the middle of the expressway. We're going to U of C. He's shot in the stomach.

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown says a vehicle pulled up alongside the officer's SUV. Sources say they were in a black Nissan Altima with tinted windows. Brown says they sprayed the vehicle with bullets. Sources say among those opening fire was a person in the back seat of the Nissan shooting from a window.

DAVID BROWN: We heard some rumors about a carjacking. We don't know at this point. The circumstances suggest several different narratives of what this might be. Could be a misidentification. It could be road rage. Could be carjacking. We just don't know. It's too early to tell.

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: Superintendent Brown says three quick-thinking female officers were the first on the scene.

DAVID BROWN: They immediately loaded him up in their car and transported him to the hospital. And when the family arrived here and learned of what happened, just the hugs and tears that the family shared-- the mother, grandmother, and the family shared with these three heroic women who, in my opinion, without their intervention and quick thinking to get him transported as quickly as possible, got him into surgery, likely saved his life.

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: Now, Superintendent Brown says one of those female officers, she knew the off-duty officer, so you can only imagine what she was going through when she saw him at the scene. She worked with him. Meantime, police are now going over all of the video that they can find-- private video, surveillance video in the area-- with the hope of any clues that can lead them to the shooters.

Live at University of Chicago Hospital, Suzanne Le Mignot, CBS 2 News.