Off Their Game Week 8 - DeVante Parker

The Dolphins wideout has dealt with a groin injury the last two weeks - and a new QB may not provide enough of a boost.

Video Transcript

- All right, Matt. You talked about things getting weird in Fantasy Football, and that's what this next segment is all about. Here are players that could be off their game, normally studs, but, mm, maybe not in week eight.

I'm going to kick things off with DeVante Parker. We have yet to talk about in this show that Tua Tagovailoa is having his first start as a pro. He's come out of the bye. We know that DeVante Parker has been money.

I think he's gone over 100 yards or scored in three of his last six, but the last time we saw him before he hit his bye, he was exiting the field with a groin injury. His chemistry with FitzMagic has been on point.

But Tua is still a rookie, even an explosive one, and who is going to baptize him in his first match-up? Oh, one Aaron Donald. And who is going to be covering DeVante Parker? One Jalen Ramsey.

I have him forecasted for four catches and 57 yards, don't quite trust it. Will be happily proven wrong by Tua just for the sake of good football.