Off Their Game Week 9 - Ezekiel Elliott

FFL Flash Alert - On a struggling Dallas Cowboys, will a struggling Ezekiel Elliott be able to turn things around against a very good Pittsburgh run defense?

Video Transcript

- I'm going to finish this off with what I think is pretty much a layup here. And that is going to be Zeke Elliott this week against Pittsburgh. Let's just set the injury aside, right? He's a little bit dinged. We think he's going to go this week. Even if Zeke was in for his full complement of snaps and touches, I would not like him against a very good Pittsburgh Steelers run defense.

Zeke himself has averaged just 3.7 yards per carry over his last three games. He's not finding the end zone. This Dallas offense hasn't even scored 10 points in their last three games. Like, they're just not putting up points. Zeke is getting a bunch of empty yardage for you. Even if he's healthy and good to go this week, I don't want to mess with him at all.