Off Their Game Week 9 - Mike Evans

Don't expect the Buccaneers wide receiver to have a big Week 9.

Video Transcript

- Now we're going to talk about a handful of players who are going to be off their game. These are heavily started players in Yahoo leagues that we don't expect much from this week. Liz, why don't you get us started.

LIZ: Well, I mean, Tank has already talked about the wins in Tampa Bay. I've got to talk about Mike Evans coming out of an over/under segment about AB where I said AB would go over. Listen, when Mike Evans and Chris Godwin have both been on the field-- AB notwithstanding-- Mike Evans has only drawn an average of three targets, 1 1/2 catches, and under 13 yards. Lattimore has consistently owned Evans. He did it in week one, he did it in 2019. I do not like Evans in this match-up.