This off-roading vehicle is designed for everyone

Off-road with no limitations. The Coyote 4WD from Outrider USA is an off-roading mobility machine. Designed with inclusivity in mind, it’s for anyone who wants to venture outdoors. The fully-electric vehicle is waterproof. It’s equipped with 4 motors and has a top speed of 22 mph. The Coyote is 33-inches high, 33-inches wide, and 60-inches long. The adaptive vehicle can be equipped with either a standard grip or Tri-Pan controls. Coyote is equipped with a 6,000-watt-hour battery and has 140 miles of range when fully charged. The off-roading vehicle weighs 220 lbs with a fully independent suspension system. Coyote 4WD from Outrider USA will start at just under $14,000. Learn more at

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