Officer mending from more surgery after on-job injury

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May 20—LAWRENCE — Nine months after he was severely injured when responding to a burglary, Lawrence police officer Carl Farrington is recuperating from his latest surgery to repair the damage done to his feet and legs by two fleeing suspects.

"My body got thrown and I got run over," said Farrington, 51, in an interview from his home Thursday.

The two men officials say are responsible for Farrington's injuries — Luis Morales-Colon, 30, and Elisamuel Fernandez-Pagan, 32 — remain held without bail in Middleton Jail.

Following the Aug. 3 incident on Springfield Street, Morales-Colon and Fernandez-Pagan were indicted on charges of armed assault to murder, receiving stolen property valued over $250, breaking and entering to commit a felony, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon resulting in bodily injury, and armed robbery.

Both had hearings scheduled in Salem Superior Court on Thursday which were continued until June 25.

Farrington said he understands "justice isn't served in one day."

"I don't need justice today," he said.

Last week, he underwent surgery at Beth Israel Deaconness Hospital in Boston to correct damage to his left ankle.

"They are still trying to fix everything," said Farrington, who is eager to return to work.

"I would rather be working doubles than just sitting in a chair," he said.

He referred to the Merrimack Valley Gas Explosions and Fires on Sept. 13, 2018 which had first responders working around the clock for weeks.

"I'd rather be dealing with the gas explosions and having no sleep than dealing with this," he said.

However, he said, he needs to stay off his feet for another two months as part of the healing process.

It was just before midnight Aug. 3 when Farrington was struck by the fleeing car on Springfield Street. He was among a group of officers who responded to a report of burglary there.

Due to the severity of his injuries, Farrington was immediately Medflighted to Boston for surgery.

Farrington said he is fortunate to have his wife, Kellie, her family, and his children and grandchildren to bolster his spirits. Friends and co-workers continue to call to see how he's doing.

He has taken a break from social media during his recovery due to repeated negative comments he sees against police. The "pain I had going on inside" made it difficult for him to read certain opinions, he said.

"Society is so upside down right now," he said. "Obviously, I want people to support the police. We are here to serve and protect everyday."

He pointed to the night of Aug. 3 when he raced to Springfield Street "and I had no idea who the victim was. I just answered the call. And I wish I was back there doing that."

"All I know is what happened to me was not pleasant. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Police, EMTs, firefighters, they are all just there trying to help people," Farrington said.

Fernandez-Pagan was arrested immediately after the Aug. 3 incident.

Morales-Colon was at large for a month after Farrington was hurt. He was arrested Sept. 2 after police received information he was in the Park Street area of Lawrence.

A third man who was involved was killed days later, police said.

Juan Rivera, 28, died of a gunshot wound after an Aug. 9 incident in Allentown, Pennsylvania, authorities said. His death was ruled a homicide by the local coroner's office.

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