Officer opened fire as he was dragged by traffic stop suspect

Police in Fulshear said a traffic stop involving a driver wanted for a felony warrant escalated to the point an officer had to fire deadly shots.

Video Transcript

- Well, we just learned that this, like you said, started out as a traffic stop because of a driver who ran a stop sign. That's what we just heard from Fulcher Police. They tell us that this traffic stop started off as cordial. They tell us that the officer approached the car, told the suspect that he had run a stop sign, got his ID, went back to his car, and ran the suspect's name.

Fulcher Police tell us that they found that this man, a 53-year-old man, had a warrant out of Virginia for dangerous drugs. And we're told that the officer talked to the suspect about it. He says the suspect started to get nervous and said that he needed to go to work. He couldn't take off, and he didn't want to go to jail.

We're told at that point the suspect started to act like he was sick and bent over. The police officer went to call for an ambulance, thinking that this suspect was sick. And we're told that the suspect then lifted up and shoved the officer back in the chest. He fell back, and the suspect ran to his car.

We're told by Fulcher Police that the officer who's been on the force for two years tried to get him out of the car, but he refused and started driving off, dragging the officer. We're told that the officer discharged his weapon a few times, hitting the suspect at least once. And the officer let go of the car. The suspect pulled-- excuse me, lost control of the car for about 800 feet and ended up hitting a tree. Obviously this is in the very early stages of the investigation. The Texas rangers are the ones leading this.

- We do have body cameras. We had a body camera on at the time. We also had a dash camera on at the time. We also have video footage from the school because it happened right across the street from the high school and the junior high at Fulcher. So obviously, we're looking at the video.

- So there are still a lot of unknowns here right now. This investigation is playing out. We do know that the officer has been placed on administrative leave. They only have about 26 officers on the entire Fulcher Police Department and very relatively safe city. They tell us their last homicide that they had was in 2012. Their last officer-involved shooting was also a couple of years ago. But again, this investigation is playing out, and they're still trying to tie up some of the loose ends and figure out some of those questions that we all have about what exactly happened.