Officer shot in foot, suspect dead after police return fire

Authorities have identified the man who Philadelphia police say shot an officer during a traffic stop on Wednesday night in the city's Logan neighborhood. The man died in a gun battle with police.

Video Transcript

MATT O'DONNELL: The lives of Philadelphia police officers were on the line when a man involved in a traffic stop, stepped out of the car and started shooting. One officer was wounded as police returned fire, killing the armed man. Action News reporter, Katherine Scott is live at the 35th Police District with the latest on this developing story. Katherine--

MATT O'DONNELL: Matt that officer from here at the 35th District is recovering this morning. The 24-year-old man was pronounced dead at the hospital after this traffic stop turned violent.

DANIELLE OUTLAW: There's a process involved in this. We'll continue to gather facts.

KATHERINE SCOTT: Police commissioner Danielle Outlaw, as the gun battle remains under investigation. You can see chopper 6HD over the scene in Logan last night and that Kia Optima that was pulled over at 15th and Somerville. This all started with a traffic stop around 6:45 PM. There's no word yet on why the vehicle was pulled over. But two officers in a marked vehicle approached the Kia and then returned to their car to look up the three men and one woman inside the Kia.

When officers saw that some of them had outstanding warrants, they call for backup and approached the vehicle again. The commissioner says as police ordered a man out of the backseat, an officer shouted, "He's got a gun!" Police say the man with a gun fired at least twice, all five officers opened fire. One of the officers was hit in the foot and survived. The man with a gun was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the hospital.

ERIC GRIPP: Officers don't start their day wanting to get into a shooting, wanting to get into anything like this. The last thing we want to do is have to take a life. And again it just speaks to the level of gun violence in the city. And these officers approached the car and they were fired upon almost immediately.

KATHERINE SCOTT: And those three other people who were in the Kia, were not hurt. They were being interviewed by police. We are live at the 35th District, Katherine Scott, Channel 6 Action News. Maggie--