Officer shot in raid on German far-right group

STORY: A German police officer was shot and wounded during raids linked to investigations into the far-right Reichsbuerger movement, the justice minister and prosecutors said on Wednesday.

One person has since been detained on suspicion of attempted murder after shots were fired in the southern town of Reutlingen.

The searches follow raids in December – when German police foiled a plot by members of the far-right movement -- which does not recognize modern-day Germany as a legitimate state.

They attempted to stage a violent coup and install aristocrat Prince Heinrich XIII of Reuss as national leader.

Conducted in eight German states and in Switzerland, the raids targeted five individuals suspected of belonging to a terrorist organization and a further 14 people who were not suspects but may have possessed useful material, German prosecutors said.

The person believed to have been involved in the shooting was not originally one of the suspects.

A spokesperson for the prosecutors said no further arrests were made.