Officer who stuffed snow in man's mouth quits

Police officer John Turnure, who stuffed snow into the mouth of a man being arrested for domestic violence in the US state of Ohio, has resigned. Turnure left his role for 'various personal and professional reasons' after bodycam footage of the arrest of Charles Hicks II was released.

Video Transcript

- OK, great. [INAUDIBLE].

- If you want to shoot me then shoot me, man. Kill me then, kill me [MUTED]. Because he's being disrespectful.

- Is he a 13?

- I'm talking to you. I'm a 13, sir. I'm talking to him, sir. Kill me, kill me. Kill me. Kill me, bro.

- Of course I'm not all right. I can't even breath at this point.


- OK.


- Yes, sir. I can't breath. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

- Listen.

- I can't breath, sir.

- Listen.

- Yes, sir. I apologize sir.

- OK, now listen.

- Relax.

- I apologize, please, sir.

- I need you to listen.

- I really can't breath.

- It's over.

- I apologize, sir.

- OK, we're going to roll you. OK?

- Can you please understand me-- I won't stand up. I won't do nothing.

- OK, we are going to roll you. Get up.