Officer witnessed driver switch, DWI charges say

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Jul. 15—MONTGOMERY — A driver allegedly switched places with his passenger while his car was in motion in an attempt to avoid a second DWI arrest this year.

A Montgomery police officer stopped a car that had a headlight out Monday night and saw the driver and front-seat passenger switch seats as the car pulled over, according to a court complaint. There were several open containers of alcohol in the car.

A backseat passenger confirmed Robert James Rezac, 24, of Le Center, was the original driver, the charges say.

A breathalyzer showed Rezac had an alcohol concentration of 0.12. He is on probation for a DWI conviction in May and his license is suspended.

Rezac is now facing charges in Le Sueur County District Court that include gross misdemeanor DWI and misdemeanor driving after license suspension.

Rezac and the passenger who switched places with him also were cited for careless driving.

All three occupants were cited for having open bottles in a vehicle.

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