Officers in Boulder Rescue Goose With Arrow Through Its Head

Police officers in Boulder, Colorado, came to the rescue of a goose with an arrow through its head on March 16.

The Boulder Police Department posted bodycam footage showing officers catching the goose in a net before cutting the arrow using bolt cutters.

The force shared a follow-up picture of the goose recuperating after undergoing surgery to remove the remainder of the arrow. Credit: Boulder Police Department via Storyful

Video Transcript

- OK.

- Yes.

- Oh, crap.

- No, keep holding it down. Watch it. Watch. Just watch the girls.

- Nice. You're awesome.

- Right, I'm going to get bolt cutters.

- I would say that's far enough, because you don't want to get it too close because if it comes out.

- Hold on, buddy. Right here. I know, Bubba. OK? Good job, guys.

- Nice.