Officers chase woman in airport, then she spits on them and strips in custody, cops say

A chase after a rowdy traveler at a Georgia airport led to a precinct fiasco when officers detained her, police said.

Airport police arrived to a gate in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at about noon on Feb. 5 to approach a “disorderly customer,” according to an Atlanta Police Department news release. A woman at the gate had gotten rowdy after staff denied her boarding pass over behavior, police said.

While being escorted away from the gate and to the terminal, the woman refused to get into a patrol car, then fled, police said.

An officer eventually pushed the woman to the ground and handcuffed her on the airport tarmac, video obtained by WXIA shows.

Officers took the woman to the airport precinct for injury evaluation when things took another turn, according to police.

She spat on multiple officers while being detained, police said. The woman also peed herself and stripped off most of her clothes, according to the department.

Officers covered her up with other material so she could be sent to the Clayton County Jail, police said.

The woman had no injuries after the incident, according to EMS.

She was initially charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of law enforcement officers. Clayton County inmate records updated Feb. 7 show she’s facing charges of criminal trespass, criminal damage and loitering or prowling.

The sheriff’s office declined to comment to McClatchy News on whether the Feb. 7 charges were in addition to the initial charges.

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